Throughout the year Maple Street Book Shop hosts authors for book signings, readings and other events. We provide drinks and refreshments at book signings for the comfort of our authors and customers. If you can’t make it to a book signing, but would like a signed copy of the book, we’ll be happy to take your order over the phone or via our new online service, have the book signed, and ship it to you.

And if you’re interested, watch for our story times and other kids events listed on New Orleans Macaroni Kid.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 & 2 Book Release Party

July 31st, 2016

Join us on the birthday of The Boy Who Lived to celebrate the release of the eighth Harry Potter story!

On July 31st we will be having brunch from 10 AM until Noon, and selling copies of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. If you pre-order the book before the event, you will receive a 10% discount. On the day of the release we will be having a 20% off sale on all other Harry Potter titles, all children’s book titles, and all young adult titles! We will be open on this day from 10AM – 5PM.

“The Eighth Story. Nineteen Years Later.

Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, a new play by Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. The play will receive its world premiere in London’s West End on July 30, 2016.

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.”

Nicole M.K. Eiden - I Am One Of You - Maple Street Book Shop

August 10th, 2016

Please join us on Wednesday, August 10, at 6 PM when we will be hosting a reading from Nicole M.K. Eiden, author of the new book of poetry, “I Am One of You.”

Described as “moving,” “delightful,” and “skillfully written,” Nicole Eiden’s poetry examines our connections to each other and the continuity of the human experience. She is a keen storyteller who details the experience of attentive living.

From “My Blank White Bumper Sticker” to “The Bridge,” these poems take you from Ohio to New Orleans and from childhood remembered to assuming the responsibilities of a parent. With courage and candor, she explores the ways in which we define ourselves through our roles and relationships. This debut collection also includes “Mortgage,” the third-place winner of the Women’s National Book Association 2016 Writing Contest.

Maple Street Book Club: August - The Argonauts - Maggie Nelson

August 11th, 2016

The seventh meeting of the Maple Street Book Shop is Thursday, August 11, at 6 PM at the Maple Street Book Shop.

This month we will have local author Elizabeth Gross as guest facilitator, and she’s picked “The Argonauts” by Maggie Nelson.

The book club choice will be available at 10% off at the store. Refreshments will be served. No sign-up is necessary to attend the club.

Elizabeth Gross is a local poet and translator. Her poems have recently appeared in the Fairy Tale Review, TENDERLOIN, Painted Bride Quarterly, and LEVELER. She co-translated and produced a new adaptation of Euripides’ Bakkhai at the Marigny Opera House in June 2015.

From the publisher:

“Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts is a genre-bending memoir, a work of “autotheory” offering fresh, fierce, and timely thinking about desire, identity, and the limitations and possibilities of love and language. At its center is a romance: the story of the author’s relationship with artist Harry Dodge. This story, which includes the author’s account of falling in love with Dodge, who is fluidly gendered, as well as her journey to and through a pregnancy, offers a firsthand account of the complexities and joys of (queer) family-making.

Writing in the spirit of public intellectuals like Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes, Nelson binds her personal experience to a rigorous exploration of what iconic theorists have said about sexuality, gender, and the vexed institutions of marriage and childrearing. Nelson’s insistence on radical individual freedom and the value of caretaking becomes the rallying cry for this thoughtful, unabashed, uncompromising book.”

Architecture and Design Film Festival 2016

August 12th, 2016

As part of the 2016 New Orleans Architecture and Design Film Festival, Maple Street Book Shop will act as the bookseller for two book events. The talks are free and open to the public.

On Friday, August 12, from 12:15 to 1pm, at the Louisiana Endowment for Humanities lecture hall, at 938 Lafayette Street, there will be a reading and book signing from Guy Carwile for his book The Modernist Architecture.

“In 1933, architect William B. Wiener collaborated with his half-brother Samuel G. Wiener to design a weekend home for his family on the shore of Cross Lake, just outside Shreveport, Louisiana. A year later the house appeared in the pages of Architectural Forum, the leading architectural journal of its day, as a foremost example of the new modernist style yet to take hold in the United States. The featured home would mark the first in a series of buildings — residential, commercial, and institutional — designed by Samuel (1896—1977) and William (1907—1981) that incorporated the forms and materials found in the new architecture of Europe, later known as the International Style. These buildings, located in Shreveport and its vicinity, composed one of the largest and earliest clusters of modernist buildings by American-born architects and placed the unexpected area of northern Louisiana in the forefront of architectural innovation in the mid-twentieth century.

Authors Karen Kingsley and Guy W. Carwile examine the work of the Wiener brothers from the 1920s through the 1960s, detailing the evolutionary process of their designs and exploring why modern architecture appeared so early in this southern city. Throughout, architectural descriptions of the buildings, archival images, recent photographs and discussion of the surrounding social and economic culture of northern Louisiana inform a deeper appreciation for the Wieners’ role in establishing modernism in the United States.”

On Saturday, August 13, at 3:30pm, at the Carver Theater on the second floor, at 2101 Orleans Avenue, there will be a book-talk and signing by Pres Kabacoff, co-author of the book Revitalizing Cities: The HRI Vision.

“Revitalizing Cities tells the story of one of America’s most innovative real estate companies. Emerging in New Orleans during the 1980s, HRI Properties early work in neighborhoods and communities in that city forged its mission, making way for it to become a leader in revitalizing historic neighborhoods that have been abandoned and left vacant.

Revitalizing Cities gives readers an inside view of HRI Properties as it explores its history and philosophies, the people behind them, and the architecture and cityscapes that resulted from their vision, while also profiling the people who have benefited from living in the revitalized neighborhoods and the positive affect HRI’s efforts have had on these communities.”