Throughout the year Maple Street Book Shop hosts authors for book signings, readings and other events. We provide drinks and refreshments at book signings for the comfort of our authors and customers. If you can’t make it to a book signing, but would like a signed copy of the book, we’ll be happy to take your order over the phone or via our new online service, have the book signed, and ship it to you.

And if you’re interested, watch for our story times and other kids events listed on New Orleans Macaroni Kid.

Anne McClane - The Incident Under the Overpass - Maple Street Book Shop & Redd's

August 27th, 2016

Please join us on August 27 at 3PM, when we will host part one of Anne McClane’s book launch for her new paranormal romance novel, “The Incident Under the Overpass,” part 1 in the Traiteur Trilogy. Anne will be signing copies of her book before heading over to Redd’s at 5PM for part two where a reading and more signing of books will ensue.

About Ann McClane:

“Anne McClane is my pen name. I am a New Orleans native who spent sixteen years away in Tucson, Arizona and Los Angeles before returning home to roost. I have over 15 years of experience in publicity, public relations and marketing communications. I have promoted and marketed conveyor belts, Breakfast with the Bunny, “The E! True Hollywood Story,” and various and sundry miscellany in between.

I write fiction when I’m not doing that other stuff.”

About “Incident Under the Overpass”:

“It’s been fifteen months since Lacey Becnel’s unfaithful husband suddenly passed away, leaving her to sort her feelings of anger, love, and loss. Her dead-end job, once a life raft but now just endless days of boredom, leave her wondering where exactly her place in life should be.

But when she awakens under an overpass near her home, next to Nathan-a man she met just hours before in the streets of New Orleans-she begins a journey of discovery that some might call supernatural. In the days that follow, Lacey and Nathan try to sort out the events of the evening, and it becomes clear that he might be the target of a murder plot, and she-somehow-might have the power to heal.

Lacey uncovers a link both powerful and deep, a connection to her dead husband’s family and the traiteur tradition, a centuries-old faith healing practice. As she becomes more embroiled in Nathan’s danger, the more confused she becomes about her feelings for him. Will she ever fully understand her abilities, or will the danger surrounding Nathan bring things to an abrupt end?”

Maple Street Book Club: September - A Swarm of Bees... - Tonya Foster

September 8th, 2016

The eighth meeting of the Maple Street Book Shop is Thursday, September 8, at 6 PM at the Maple Street Book Shop.

This month we will have local poet Brad Richard as guest facilitator, and he’s picked “A Swarm of Bees in High Court,” a book of poetry by Tonya Foster.

The book club choice will be available at 10% off at the store. Refreshments will be served. No sign-up is necessary to attend the club.

Brad Richard is founder and chairman of Lusher’s Creative Writing Department and co-director of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards/Southeast Louisiana Writing Region. He has published three collections of poetry and was the winner of the 2010 Washington Prize. His work has been featured in numerous prestigious anthologies and journals. Richard has received many grants and awards, including the Century Swept Brutal/Black Ocean Award in Excellence; a Louisiana Division of the Arts Artist Fellowship in Literature; the Poets & Writers, Inc., Writers Exchange Award in Poetry; and a Surdna Foundation Artist Teacher Fellowship. Mr. Richard is also a co-founder of the New Writers Literary Festival (LitFest) and The Waves Reading Series.

“A SWARM OF BEES IN HIGH COURT is, among other things, Tonya Foster’s ‘attempt to create biography of a place,’ specifically Harlem in the 21st century, where certain dreams are indefinitely deferred. Foster’s work is a poem of womanhood reminiscent of Gwendolyn Brooks’ unassuming heroines Annie and Maud, Ntozake Shange declaring, ‘I Usedta Live in the World,’ or Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn singing ‘Rocks in My Bed.’ A sleepless woman with plenty of worrying thoughts to keep her up at night, not to mention chronic ‘street corner noise,’ lies at the heart of this work. From bedroom intimacies behind closed blinds to public displays of affection and disaffection, Foster’s poetry contemplates unspoken bonds of culture, geography, and race that bring couples and communities together, along with the terrible strains that can tear them apart: ‘this poem is the city of faces deserted by the hope of we.’ Infused with a weary and wary blues, Tonya Foster’s innovative variations on haiku are terse verses, tautly turned and tuned to cycles and rhythms of urban insomniacs.”

-Harryette Mullen

New Orleans Review No. 42 - Shakespeare 2016 - Maple Street Book Shop

October 20th, 2016

Please join us on Thursday, October 20, at 6 PM when we will celebrate the release of the Shakespeare 2016 issue of the New Orleans Review!

“What motivated the issue was primarily that 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, and we wanted to commemorate that by looking at Shakespeare’s 21st century literary afterlives. (I’ve pasted the call for submissions below.) The response was great. We had submissions from poets, fiction writers, essayists, and scholars. We especially relished the opportunity to put creative work in direct conversation with scholarly work; few journals have the license to do that, and the result is, I think, quite exciting.”

-Hillary Ecklund (Guest Editor)

Contributors: Sara Adams, Bipin Aurora, Chris Barrett, Ryan Burruss, Joseph Campana, Kayla Rae Candrilli, George Elliott Clarke, Gillian Cummings, JK Daniels, Sara Femenella, Zachary Fisher, Briana Forney, Cal Freeman, D. Gilson, David B. Goldstein, Ronan Hatfull, Christopher Higgs, Nathan Hoks, Kimberly Johnson, Michael P. Kuczynski, Nancy Ludmerer, John William McConnell, Steve Mentz, Joseph Mills, Sarah Neville, Aaron Novick, Sharon O’Dair, Annette Oxindine, Don Peteroy, Winston Plowes, Zana Previti, Matt Salyer, Kristin Sanders, Leslie Stainton, MK Sukach, Catherine Theis, Grace Tiffany, David Tuvell, Lillo Way, Caroline Randall Williams, Jess Williard, Candice Wuehle