Used Books

Looking for a particular title? Access our growing inventory on ABE. Stop by the store itself for gently used copies of new and old titles.

We also buy used books. What we can take and what we can offer (store credit always, cash sometimes) varies, so be sure to call in advance, especially to make sure we’ve got the space and budget to take new things!

Frequently Asked Questions:
When is a good time to come by with my books?
If you wish to sell used books, please call (504-866-4916) and ask to speak with the used book buyer. We have a buyer present all day at least five days a week, but the schedule is susceptible to change. Walk in appointments are accepted on the condition that the buyer is present. If not however, we will advise another time for you return with your books.

Can I leave my books for the buyer and come back at a later date?
No. Space behind our counter is limited, so we politely request that you just hang tight for a few minutes while your buy is processed. It’s painless, we promise.

How much do you pay for books?
There is no set formula for what we pay out, though the amount will always be significantly higher in trade than cash. Each book is quickly assessed individually. Concessions in terms of condition, demand, and the current stock are made differently on a daily basis.

What do you buy?
Literary fiction sells well at our shop. Additionally, being close to Tulane and Loyola, we do well with philosophy, history, and sociology. That said, our shop is a generalist store and is happy to take a look at whatever you may have.

What is important to know is that we do not buy:
-Serial romances
-Reader’s Digest condensed books
-Books that are significantly underlined or highlighted
-Books that are water-damaged
-Books that are out of date (older computer books, out-of-date travel guides, fad diet -books no longer in demand, older business books, etc.)
-Hardcover mysteries older than 2 years

Furthermore we are especially selective when it comes to hardcover genre fiction that has since come in to print in paperback.

Do you accept donations?
Yes! Happily! Still, we do filter what we accept. If a title is not something that we believe we can immediately sell we will return it to you. There are a number of charities in town that take books of any sort though, The Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Friends of the New Orleans Public Library are all great places to start!